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Our Business Domain
Genexus corporation is a business consulting firm providing Strategic Consulting and Market Entry Services to our clients.
Management Team

Shin Kasugahara(CEO and President)

Shin Kasugahara is chief executive officer of Genexus Corporation. Prior to Genexus, Mr.Kasugahara was CEO of famous IT security company , “Baltimore technologies Japan”.  With more than 10 years experience in management of Baltimore Technologies Japan, Mr.Kasugahara has strong presence and network in Japanese IT and Telecommunication industry.

Before that, Mr.Kasugahara worked for Strategic Management Consulting Firm called “ARM” as a senior consultant. He contributed successfully to several projects like Strategic domestic Marketing planning project for a Japanese Car manufacture, New business development project for a food manufacturer etc.. Mr.Kasugahara holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree of Waseda University.

Satoru Watanabe(Director)

Satoru Watanabe is director and senior vice president, web marketing and branding consultimg. Mr.Watanabe was senior vice president of the company called ‘Members’, pubic trading company which is one of the biggest web system integration company. Mr.Watanabe held held senior leadership position in web strategy team of KPMG consulting. And he experienced many projects while he was waoking for accenture.

r.Watanabe holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree of Keio university.

Noriaki Ogo(Director)

Noriaki Ogo is director and senior vice president, Financing advisory. Mr.Ogo was working for Several finance companies(ex. Industrial Bank of Japan, LPL Securities etc)

Mr.Ogo holds a Bachelor of Law degree of Waseda University.

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